DISC Assessment

Get More Productive Outcomes With DISC

DISC helps you to become a better leader. It helps your teams to become more productive and it helps your company to become more responsive to your customers' needs. 

Introduction to Behavioral Styles

What is the DISC Behavioral Assessment?

The DISC Behavioral Assessment (DBA) is an online assessment that will help you uncover your behavioral style. Upon completing the assessment, you will receive a detailed report with insights and ideas to help you better understand your unique strengths and challenges as a leader. The DBA is based on the popular and practical DISC model of human behavior. DISC is the most widely used behavioral model in the world, and has helped millions of people improve communication, productivity, team building and leadership, as well as their relationships within the workplace and home. 

The DISC Behavioral Assessment can help you:

  • Better understand yourself: strengths, weaknesses, response to conflict, motivations, triggers for stress, problem solving techniques, etc.
  • Discover how to adapt your behavior and meet the needs of others
  • Cultivate more collaborative work relationships
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Reduce stress and increase productivity
  • Strengthen marital and family relationships
  • Develop effective leaders
  • Create high performing teams
  • Build an organizational culture of trust and respect

Who Will Benefit from the DISC?

The DBA can be used as an individual, or within any relationship or team. This tool is particularly helpful for:

  • Small businesses
  • Non-profits
  • Government agencies
  • Educational institutions
  • Churches
  • Leadership coaches
  • HR consultants
  • Health care centers
  • Financial institutions
  • Sales professionals
  • Anyone who wants to increase their effectiveness through a greater understanding of individual and relational behaviors. 

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Access Additional Relationship-Specific Reports

TEAM DYNAMICS REPORTRelationship-Specific Reports

Get a snapshot of your entire team and learn how to tap into the natural strengths of every single individual.



Get a snapshot of one-on-one work relationships and learn how you can better collaborate with one another.



Engaged? Married? Get a snapshot of your individual styles side-by-side and learn ways to communicate more effectively.